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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Class Cancellations

Passing or Failing the Class

Refund Policy

-The lifeguard class requires at least 5 participants to form a complete class with enough participants to run through all skills and multiple person response scenarios. AC Lifeguarding may cancel any classes at any time if there are insufficient participants. Classes with less than 5 participants are allowed if additional certified lifeguards participate as helpers. For example, a class of 4 (registered and paid) lifeguard candidates would take place if there was an additional helper who already holds a valid Red Cross certification and is willing to participate in the water skills portion. A friend or family member who is a Red Cross certified lifeguard would suffice in this scenario. Any questions about this policy should be emailed to




-All lifeguard classes are pass/fail. This means you cannot simply register for the course and expect to be awarded certification as a Red Cross nationally recognized lifeguard. Before the on-site training, you will be required to pass an online version if you enrolled in a "Blended Learning Class". Any individual who does not complete the online portion before the first day of training will not be refunded or allowed to participate in the on site training.


-You will also be required to pass a swim test that takes place on day 1 of the in-person lifeguard training. The swim test is non-negotiable, meaning failing any component of the test will result in the lifeguard candidate being dismissed. No refund will be granted in this case. However, the candidate will be allowed to participate in a future lifeguard class held after the one in which they failed. The swim test should be practiced prior to attending the first day of in-person classes.


Swim Test: Swim using front crawl (freestyle) or breaststroke continuously for 150 yards showing alternated breathing without stopping or rolling onto the back. Side stroke and backstroke are not permitted. Directly after touching the wall on the 6th lap, lifeguard candidates will tread water using only feet for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, candidates will finish up by swimming an additional 50 yards.


Timed event: Lifeguard candidates will have 1 minute 40 seconds to swim 20 yards, then surface dive to retrieve a 10 lb.  object from the bottom of the pool. Then they must resurface holding the brick on their chest as they swim back to the starting point using their feet heading backward. Finally, the swimmer will exit the pool without using the ladder.





-You have 1 week prior to the start of the (First day or initial) in-person class to cancel and be awarded a refund. For example, If the first day of in-person training takes place on May 21, participants must cancel before May 14 to receive a refund . If you are registered for an AC Lifeguarding Course please plan on making it to all sessions that are scheduled. Adherence to the schedule is mandatory. Failure of online portion, in-person skills (CPR, AED, First Aid, Pool Skills, Saves, and Final skill assessment), or the pool test will not be refunded. A full course must be retaken in any of these cases with AC Lifeguarding or other Lifeguard instructors. Please email AC Lifeguarding with any questions related to these policies

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